Latter Earth

Player Characters
Player Class Origin
Brian Necromancer Vitrum
Chris Elementalist Elf
Clyde Mageslayer/Warrior Vitrum
Jay Warrior Hyperborea
Stephen High Mage Vitrum
Tippy Mageslayer/Warrior Vitrum

Latter Earth Campaign

1st Moon of 1055 AL

Notus, advocate for Simon the prospector, reaches out to the characters while in the city of Lacunis. He offers a large sum to retrieve Simon from the mountains of Gebed Hau in Hyperborea and escort him to safety.

The charaters leave The Borderlands of Vitrim and Hyperorea and travel North around Barrow Lake and crossing the foothills of The Marchwall.

2nd Moon of 1055 AL

Marching North through The Wefted Wood the characters pass through the temperamental Hyperboran tribes with their native guide.

Slogging Northwest through the Weeping Bog, they skirt the environs of the city Madytos and its cruel and disgusting immortals.

The characters cross the frozen grasslands of the Cold Coast. Winter has been harsher than usual for this already frigid land. Strange iron bands enchanted with dangerous decaying magic span for miles, crossing both the surface and rock below.

3rd Moon of 1055 AL

Entering the hills of Haumoor, the characters take cover from a blizzard in an exposed cave system. There they cross a trap left by the ancient Intoners and are led back to the surface by a band of secretive Dwarves.

Investigating a frozen corpse leads to battling a Dire Wolf bitch and her cubs, nearly mortally wounding the Hyperborean. The fallen priestess from the Ninth Leng's diary details her failed mission; to placate the "false god" of ice ages with the sacrifice of a beautiful creature and a great treasure.

4th Moon of 1055 AL

Manzazuu approaches the party and claims Simon has betrayed him. Notus, previously serving Simon, is now his undead Thrall. The Necromancer offers to pay for retrieval of a stolen logos, a universal component for magical workings.

At the iron crossroads Simon is found dead and arison as an apparition. He was slain by a trap retrieving the Logos, rightly fears Manzazuu will enslave him, and Vitrum will not respect his rights. He wishes the party to protect him on a Journey to the Still Cities where he can prosper as an undead.

After looting the Iron-weft Junction, Manzazuu and his undead confront the characters seeking his prize. The preceptor of Tokris, school of the Black Pact's Necromancers, is slain.

Simon's ghost is bound by the party who claim the logos for themselves. Heading back South to Vitrum's borderlands, they hope to also claim the wealth hidden by Simon at his former farm.

5th Moon of 1055 AL

Passing through the Weeping Bog, the party has a friendly encounter with Hyperboreans on the hunt for food. Later, they learn of their grisly fate: Immortals of Madytos have gorged on human prey, developing giant bodies composed of their victims. The party avenged their Northern kin, defeating, enslaving, and eventually consuming the trolls' very lifeforce.

Another clan of Hyperborean barbarians and their shamans try and fail to ambush the party. Judging the characters for travelling with troll and undead abominations, their their lives and possessions were forfeit.

While crossing a glade in the Wefted Wood, a black unicorn loses its treasurs to the party: Six perfect mares and cache of magical treasures.

6th Moon of 1055 AL

Leading their mounts through an secret passage beneath the Marchwall range, the party defeats one of the giant acidic worms that clean these ancient halls.

Saving another week of travel, the party crosses the unnarturally frozen Barrow Lake. While they shelter from magical storms in an igloo, Borealis, Bringer of Ice Ages is pleased and leaves his blessing.

The characters finally reach the city of Lacunis but find it occupied by an entire Vitrumite legion and closed to foreigners. Hyperboreans have been desperately raiding Borderland farms for food during the long Winter. The legion is also commandering food and cattle from the struggling farms, taxing them to the brink.

Our industrious characters slay the contubernium occupying Simon's farm, raise the commanding decanus as an undead servant, magically enslave a local judge, gain the rest of the party access to the city, transfer the deed to Simon's farm, learn more of Borealis from the legion's Wizard Magnus, murder the Tribunus Laticlavius Senator Silius, and sacrifice his willing wife to the Great Dragon Borealis - holding off an ice for another ten-thousand years.

7th Moon of 1055 AL

Caravans of limited food are sent North in an attempt to prevent raids, but a warlord riding a mechanical horse gathers the Hyperborean tribes to attack Vitrum.

The Emperor's arborist has dissapeared while working on a project to feed the plebeians. The Praetorian Guard holds back abominations emerging from the Imperial garden.

The patricii need agents to cross the recently thawed inland sea Gebed Mur. Their investments in the city of Lauriacum in the Tombfell have been neglected during the long Winter.