Name Combat? Granted by the Backgrounds Granted by the Classes
Administer   Noble, Scholar Vowed
Connect   Artisan, Carter, Courtesan, Criminal, Laborer,
Merchant, Noble, Performer, Thug
Convince   Criminal, Merchant, Performer, Priest, Thug Vowed
Craft   Artisan* Vowed
Exert   Laborer, Peasant*, Sailor, Slave, Soldier Vowed
Heal   Physician*, Scholar Healer, Vowed
Know   Physician, Priest, Scholar* Vowed
Lead   Noble* Vowed
Magic   Alchemist, Elementalist, High Mage, Illusionist, Invoker, Mageslayer, Necromancer, Vowed
Notice   Barbarian, Courtesan, Physician, Sailor, Wanderer Thought Noble, Vowed
Perform   Courtesan*, Performer* Bard, Vowed
Pray   Priest* Priest, Vowed
Punch Barbarian, Carter, Soldier*, Thug
Ride   Carter*, Nomad*, Nomad Vowed
Sail   Sailor* Vowed
Shoot Barbarian, Carter, Hunter*, Nomad, Soldier, Thug
Sneak   Criminal*, Hunter, Peasant, Slave*, Wanderer Vowed
Stab Barbarian, Carter, Nomad, Soldier*, Thug* Duelist
Survive   Barbarian*, Hunter, Nomad, Peasant, Slave,
Soldier, Wanderer*
Beastmaster, Skinshifter, Vowed
Trade   Artisan, Merchant* Vowed
Work   Laborer* Vowed
  • * These backgrounds always grant this as a free skill. The other backgrounds listed grant this skill by default.
  • The Thug and Soldier backgrounds always grant any one combat skill as a free skill.
  • The Vowed class always grants any one non-combat skill as a free skill.